The Ten Million Beads Show

Ten million. Chanel literally used ten million beads to create their Spring/Summer 2011 Couture Collection. Know that it is not used as decorations and accessories, the beads were the fabric.

The “fabric” were made by weaving and gathering all the beads together into the silhouette of the look and when it moves, it was like a river flowing ever so smoothly, when sparkles when the sun hits the water.

Or imagine this, the fountains shows at gardens everywhere in the world where light and music are used to make a water musical. it felt the exact same way.

Actually it was better, it was like watching the Northern Lights. Chanel, the Aurora Couture?

The fluidity of the looks were amazing and added with the sparkles were just to die for. It was like those armor that knights wore underneath to protect themselves but lighter and fancier.

First were the day looks, the first one was Stella Tennant in a white tweed jackets with black embroidery which looked like tree roots. (kind of reminded me of graveyards, which Coco loved to visit).

It was a rather simple look but the impact was rather significant. The styling of a sort of tights underneath the skirt and ballet flats.

And then there was the sequined pants. It was magical and somewhat medieval beauty to me.

And the gowns were just as amazing. The beaded coat dress that Freja wore was as fluid as the river and shiny like the stars. Stella wore a tie dye effect sequined gown was captivating, though it looked more like a summer beach dress, despite the fact it was sequined and more red carpet.

Then again, what’s wrong with wearing a sequin dress to the beach. Just walk along the shores, looking fabulous and maybe have a cup of coffee with passer-bys wondering what the heck is wrong with you.

All in all, it was a great show. Though there have been complains in some site comments saying that it was too simple and not couture materil and more of pret a porter. I have to disagree.

Though the silhouettes are simple but the amount of detail and work gone to the dresses were magnificent. Totally couture worthy and beyond.

So enjoy the shots down below. (Be sure to check the details shots)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So till my next post in maybe 10 hours, Au Revoir!

Editor's Note: I spent four hours writing this, due to side tracking to blogs and sites and because I wrote an early draft in Word but never saved. Smart
5 Responses to “The Ten Million Beads Show”
  1. victoria says:

    it’s in the vogue france !
    looove this article!

  2. victoria says:

    this in the vogue france
    looove this article!

  3. wow, using 10 million beads to make the fabric sounds rather tedious. I also disagree with it being simple and plain. there is nothing simple about making garments out of millions of beads.
    looks like it was a great show.

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