The True Men End!

Before my next posts, I figured this would be the best way to end a great season of menswear. A video done by Tommy Ton, photog blogger and style icon, who most of you who are fashion savvy would definitely know of him.

those who don;t click on the link, and those who do, remember that lip-synch video he did of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010. Models in lingerie singing “Girls just Want To Have Fun?”.

So after the end of menswear shows in Paris and Milan recently, he released yet another video. Of male models lip-syncing to the song, “Bohemian Like You”.

The two videos are collabs of Tommy Ton and Justin Wu.It is just so cute and happy. It made me smile throughout the whole video. Enjoy.

And for those who did not watch the Victoria’s Secret one, here you go.

Hope this will satisfy you till my next post, Au Revoir!

Owner and Producer: Tommy Ton (Jak and Jil Blog)
Directed by: Justin Wu
Header Image: Taken from Jak and Jil Blog 

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