The Last of Menswear Fall/Winter 2011

After a streak of Menswear posts for the last week, and then the non-posting for a few days, I am now ending Menswear coverage in this blog with this post.

This will be an extra compact post of the remaining shows that I loved, for both their showmanship and great wears.

So what is a season of fashion without John Galliano’s dramatic and cinematic show. Last season it was a Charlie Chaplin inspired or so I think and this season he went to a hybrid of homeless and Mongolian theme.

It is always a show to behold for fashion lovers for his outrageousness and eccentricity.

What the show reminds me of when I first saw it was a fire burning in an old oil tub in the hidden streets with the homeless staying around it to keep warm in the winter season.

John Galliano

Despite saying that it felt homeless, it was a fabulous kind of homeless. It was rough, dramatic

John Galliano

, eerie and crazy, all blended into fabulousness.


Then came, the glistening skin models with heavy makeups and the ones with the Anna Wintour bobcut, which meant it was a showcase of androgyny which s currently huge in fashion.

For the longest time, androgyny was used by womenswear to adapt menswear style into their looks, but recently it had gone to the mensm dressing in more feminine clothes. One of the first signs of this phenomenon was the Steven Meisel editorial shot for Vogue Italia, Venus in Furs (note – nudity).

But back to the show, there were another styling which I loved the most in the collection. The Mongolian look. Think Genghis Khan couture.

Why I said this? Mainly it was the beard on the models. Scruffy, untidy and pinned. it reminded me of the Mongolian warriors I use to see in movie, one of them is the Night at The Museum.

Galliano truly made my menswear fashion week complete. A perfect ending for it.

Viktor and Rolf

And then there was Viktor and Rolf.

Only one thing that caught my attention in their show, the funnel neck jackets that look ever so astounding. There was something in that look that made me swoon.

Maybe it was the feel of hiding behind the funnel that covers up to the nose that hints mystery. When I look at it, my knees went weak and I swooned myself to heaven.

After the funnel necks, comes the capes of Dior.

You see, capes were one of the main items I am trying to get hold off. But there wasn’t much in stores for men that were good. But the Dior capes were just amazing.

Maybe after this, fast retailers like Zara, Topman, and Asos would actually invest more in the look and create some look for less for men.

Although it could be a very feminine look that i am not sure I can pull it off but I seriously want one since the last few seasons of capes in womenswear.

I thought if Zorro can wear that, why not me?

And lastly before the photos, we have Rick Owens, the one who embraced the kilts this season.As you might know, kilt had been a thing for quite sometime now, there was Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen who pulled it off for the past years.

Then came Prince Pelayo, blogger of Kate Loves Me. All of them manage to pull off the look that so many were in doubt of. Maybe after this show, thoughts will change.

After all, if leggings can be worn by men, a kilt does not seem like a bad idea. We just have to wait for the mass to catch that drift.

So now, feast yourself in a selection of looks from the designers I mentioned in this post.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, till my next post that might be feature blogger of the month or the couture shows, Au Revoir!


One Response to “The Last of Menswear Fall/Winter 2011”
  1. David says:

    Those who doubt the masculinity of men in kilts are retarded, because they do not have the ability to learn from the past – that is, if women can remain feminine in pants, then men can be masculine in kilts. They don’t have the brains to use history as a guide in predicting the future.

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