The Puffa Tail and Patchworks of Fall

Louis Vuitton. It is my first Paris Mens Fashion Week post. I have to say that I am intrigued by it.

It seemed that patchwork is one of main attractions for the coming fall winter season. And Louis Vuitton as one of the mega brands would of course be one of the ones who are part of this movement.

The runway started with an eerie tune which turned out to be Roy Orbison’s “In Dreams”, paired with the tune was an all black or monochromatic collection. It was dark, mysterious and simply fabulous.

In some way, it reminds me of strangers walking down the street in the middle of the night in a all black attire, lurking in the shadows. You would not know their intention until they strike.

Maybe the want a light from you for a smoke, or maybe they are part of the mafia, trying to gun you down. Or maybe just a man walking home after a night of vodka and tequilas. It is all a mystery.

And one thing was apparent. The patchworks.

Wool jackets with patches of leather on the arms, a blazer with a leather patch on the waist or a trench with a puffa vest attached to it. All black but with different textures, making it look seem like it have more colors and shades.

But when you think all was black, came the white accessories. A white men clutch. A white duffel.

Then the white looks emerged with the greys. But that is not all. Down came the flaming red coats. That was the defining moment of the show. A red coat with a puffa jacket attached at the bottom like a tail. A patchwork trench.

It was amazing. It kind of reminded me of a murder scene. When I said, everything was a mystery at first, the red seemed to have shown the real intention of the men in the night shadows – a bloody slaughter.

Imagine this. When you are walking down the street after a night of drinks with your friends and a man followed behind. He closes in and a split second, the dark, black of the night, lit up only by the white neon lights were smeared with crimson red.

It’s like one of those horror films, the effect of a blank black screen suddenly splattered by red paint which was used to illustrate blood. That was what came to mind when I watched the show, partly because of the music used.

The red is obviously the highlight of the day. The red pants, coats, bags and clutches. Like a bloody massacre.

That is all I can tell you about this show. It was a bloody success, I’d say.

Other than the red coat, another look that I loved was the embossed monogram print blazer. It was a total heart! Enjoy the photos of the looks I loved.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

TIll the next post, Au Revoir!

PS: Sorry for the slightly disturbed post. Ever since the dSquared2 show, my mind is still immersed into the whole murder situation though I must say, I am normally not a fan of killer films. Maybe I am a closeted sadist?

2 Responses to “The Puffa Tail and Patchworks of Fall”
  1. I love your post! The description was very dynamic! I liked Gucci this season too.

    • VanityPress says:

      Thanks. Gucci was debatable. Love the clothes, classic and all but the show was a bit on the bland side. my fav now is mcqueen, dolce and gabbana, burberry and galliano

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