The Mickey and Coke Season; Western Massacre

After the more sophisticated shows of Burberry, Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana, here comes two of the more eccentric shows from Milan’s Menswear Fall/Winter 2011 collection.

The first up is D&G, the sub brand of Dolce and Gabbana featuring more youthful and casual wear. Well, you got that right. D&G went extremely youthful this season and probably one of the most talked shows of all.

Why, you asked? Because they featured Mickey Mouse and Coco Cola in their collection, literally.

From Bryan Ferrry in the Dolce and Gabbana show, D&G went Mickey and Coke for their prints, which I must say is over the top, surprising and ever so fabulous. It’s been a while that the trend of putting iconic brands and identities in clothing.

Like the Simpsons, Transformers, and Ninja Turtles in more street style brands like JayJays (Australia) and Topman (UK).

But D&G managed to keep it from straying too far to the streetwear and kept it sophisticated with a sense of youth and playfulness.

One of my favourites was the electric blue Mickey printed sweat top. It was cute but not too toddler wear. And that being said, D&G still kept the motive from the Dolce and Gabbana show, shrunken tops and low rise crotch bottoms.

Also, another interesting motive was the hidden prints on the collars (Header Image). They were quite the cool detail for it.

But the most interesting item of the show was the headphones. D&G headphones, need I say more? They collaborated with Skullcandy and made a series of amazing headphones.

I would die for one of those babies.

And speaking of death, another show I found extremely interesting and disturbing at the same time was dSquared2. Dean and Dan never cease to amaze me with their shows. If Burberry for a 9/10 from me, they were 12/10.

With their oversized gloves and occasional aprons (some looks), they reminded me of those crazy serial killers in horror films. They looked like someone who would kidnap you and chop you off into pieces – a cannibal butcher?

It especially reminds me of a Chinese movie where a killer kills women and make them into pork buns. Scary and disturbing, I know.

The clothes were extremely layered to create a more dramatic styling, I assume. one might find it too much but if you look closely into each pieces alone. They were fabulous.

The wool coat with leather sleeves and sequined/lurex vest were made perfectly and fitted great on the models. If Dolce and Gabbana were going for the shrunken motive, then dSquared were the lengthen motive.

Maybe it was just an optical illusion but proportions of the clothes seemed slightly longer than usual.

So, these are the few looks of the shows that I liked. Enjoy:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Till the next post, Au Revoir!

Editor’s Note: All photos were from The Fashionisto except for the two headphone and collar shots, from Maison Chaplin.

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