Style Blogger Challenge

So, lately I’ve been getting quite a number of readers in my humble blog here. SO I have a favor to ask of you readers that I love so much.

Refinery29 had just organized a contest for bloggers and the winner gets to guestblog at their website which is to die for and of course, yourstruly joined it.

And also other prizes including a trip to New York (you know my dream is to go New York, right?) and cash prizes (who doesn’t love cash?).

So if you really like my blog, could you please vote for me there? Just click on the heart of the contestant named “KAI MUN CALVIN”, that’s me.

Also, for all other bloggers out there, do join the fun and this is a good way to advertise your blog too.

If you voted for me, drop a line here and tell me if you participated. I will vote for you too.

So a million thanks to all who did vote for me and to those who will. I really appreciate your help!


Au Revoir!

PS:Check the Gaga post. Lady Gaga’s Mugler DJ-ing.

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