My Most Anticipated Show of the Season

So like what the title is written, this is my most anticipated show of the season. The second menswear show of Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burtonm the new head for McQueen after Alexander passed away last year.

So the last show was more vamppire-esque inspired which I loved. The prints and the coats were amazing and the knit top with the shoulder zip was my favourite.

This season was regal. British royalty and the perfect gentleman theme with a hint of rebellious spirit (like all McQueen’s show), but mixed in with Sarah’s unhibited spirit.

The first look was a red coat with fur trimmed collar that reminds me so much of the British Guards at Buckingham – red uniform and black fur hats – and with a white stripe crossed through the body of the top underneath.

It was breathtaking, I must say.

And then following that, was a series of jackets and coats with the same inspiration and one in particular that I am head over heels for. To me, that particular look reminds me of the Taisho period of Japan where guards wear baisho uniforms and matched with a cape. (Baisho uniform is worn commonly in modern Japanese schools.)

And with the military cap to match it, it was absolutely desired! It had a sense of regality (not of the royalty but of a lord) to it that drives me insane.

And then there was the leaf golden blazer and shirt that I would normally not prefer. Matching the blazer with a simple black V-neck tee and white pants was the epitome of the new smart casual style.

Then there was the shearling, again I must say shearlings are the “IT” style for the coming season. Everywhere I see them popping in. It is not to be missed.

Remember the cutoff shoulders in the womens collection that I raved about, well, it is now in mens too but it is a cleaner cut compared to the womens collection. I nice slit of the edge of the shoulder that breaks the rules of common suits. Then again, McQueen has always been a rule breaker.

And to end the show, a simple long coat was shown but the essence of that look came from the shoes. Those beautifully made cow skin pattern shoes.  I would most likely not wear it because I know I can’t pull it off but for others who has the look for it, it is a must buy.

Speaking of the shoes, this season had some amazing ones. One of them was a simple black sneaker that looked like the Puma by McQueen shoe that I got last year and then the other was a tie-dye looking shoe – both are as beautiful as they can get.

Now enjoy the looks:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To end this, I must apologise as the post might not be as good as the others. Partly because I have yet to see the show in video. i had only managed to obtain the photos from But nonetheless, this show was amazing and I can’t wait for the show to be uploaded online.


So if anyone manage to find it, post a link here for me?

Till the next post, Au Revoir!

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