Gucci Hot or Not?

Well, with much difficulty on trying to watch the live broadcast of Gucci due to server overloading I think, I actually managed to watch it unlike some others who were less fortunate. I am grateful.

So, Gucci. What is it about this season? Well, personally for me, it borderlines from hot and not – there was corduroy.

It’s all great clothes as itself but it was not much of a show. That being said, it was still good overall. If I were to grade, Burberry would be 9/10 and Gucci would be 7/10.

This season, Frida decided to go for a more monotonous collection, maybe a reference back to the last womenswear show with the hint of desert theme?

There were great suits but it looked normal to me. A fine tailored suit but with no excitement. Though the pants were interesting indeed. Gucci went for bootcuts again. None of the skinny and crops were sighted. Everything was a flare and very 70s.

But what caught my eye the most in the show and made me still love it was the coats/jackets. Shearling trim ones to be precise.

There was few but it was to die for – a “to die for” that is on par with Burberry’s short brushed wool jacket with shearling trim. It is apparent to everyone by now that I have a new found fetish for shearlings. I do not know why but I am head over heels on them.

Despite the slightly borderline “hot or not” situation,  Gucci came out with great bags and accessories. Almost every single one of them were to die for. The box/handcarry luggage shaped bags were amazing, especially the croco leather black one.

And another accessory that caught my eye were the man clutches, seems like androgyny is taking another level. Women dressing like men and men having women like accessories. Kudos to that!

Like how the French says it, “Comme Ci Comme Ca”, which means “so-so” but a good “so-so”.

Enjoy the photos:

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Till the next post, Au Revoir!
PS: Pardon me for the missing feature blogger post, it will be up by end of the week. I promise.

4 Responses to “Gucci Hot or Not?”
  1. I disagree! Gucci’s menswear collection was sophisticated and Frida was quite savvy in her color choice. You must remember that Burberry explains a younger, light, and free audience. Gucci explains a sophisticated audience.

    • VanityPress says:

      That is true. I like the clothes from Gucci. It was great. All of them were classic wear. It’s just I think showmanship wise, Burberry was better.

      Frida is great. And I do love the clothes, I’m just saying about showmanship if you get what I mean..

  2. I understand, Burberry is one of my other favorites as well. In showmanship, I might also agree that Burberry did better in that area. Great post!

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