The D&G Bryan Ferry Season

Like the Burberry show, Dolce and Gabbana had a great dramatic exit, which I think reoccurs all the time n their show. The group finale.

Last season of womenswear were models in corsets paired with blazers and for this show it was male models in crisp Dolce and Gabbana suits paired with deconstructed jeans. AMAZING!

It was an hour almost after I watched the Burberry Menswear livestream fashion show, that I found the Dolce and Gabbana show released on Youtube by the company.

As you already knew, I did not found out about the livestream until Burberry’s show but Stefano (Gabbana) was kind enough to post the video on D&G’s Youtube channel and tweeted it to all of his fans, including moi.

I was so excited when I saw the tweet and clicked on the link given.

The first that thing popped up was the opening song with the stage slowly lighting up. I found the opening tune really familiar, I could have sworn I’ve heard of it before from, Dolce and Gabbana’s blog/magazine site.

But back to the show, it is all about minimizing. Coats are shorter, lower rise crotches on the pants and the pants length was shorten to the ankle part (much like the carrot cut).

I have always love Dolce and Gabbana’s suits. They are just breathtaking and always gives me a speechless feeling to it. With the shrunken jackets and pants, everything was a bit wild or rock and roll.

Well, that is the feel that Stefano and Domenico are heading for. Main inpiration being Bryan Ferry, a famous 70s  pop/glam rock musicians.

If you google the Man (Bryan), you would notice the similarities of it to the show. Plus the designers even had printed Bryan Ferry tees on the runway (it was a very UK street fashion moment).

So to the show, the first few looks were double breasted military coats in stripes or plains with black collars and followed by a  striped sweater and coats with some of them in boiled flannel which I heart.

It was a rather simple show – in a good way. Simple in a sense of classic, sartorialism. Despite being that simple, there were a number of “wow” moments, making the show as dramatic as it was simple.

One of them were the fur trim coats. It was amazing. I am never a person of a full head on fur coat but fur trims are love, just like shearlings.

A hint of fur with a simple wool coat brings love to me. It reminded me of the olden Shanghai era, when it was westernized. Since the last season of womenswear, fur is making a comeback and I wonder how PETA is handling the news.

Like Anna Wintour always says, “There is always a way to wear fur!”.

And then, there was the embossed (I think) floral suits. There was a black one that you could barely see from the runway but upclose, the fine details were to dead for, but if you are a bolder person, go for the crimson one with soft black floral patterns (worn by Noah Mills). That was just breathtaking even though I could never pull it off.

And speaking of crimsons and reds, the red signature nylon jacket paired with the Bryan ferry tee was simple but somehow captivating.

Red is overflowing in the show, like Burberry, this season, designers decides against the monotonous used frequently on  F/W and went for bolder and more striking colors. This shows the progress of men in styling and fashion. Kudos!

If you think the things I mentioned were great, you would literally faint on this. I know I nearly did.

Bring out the contrast shirts or what Stefano and Domenico themed as, “Positice and Negative feel”. The crisp shirts in black or white but paired with contrasting cuffs. If it is a black shirt, a white cuffs appear and vice versa.

Now that is definitely going to be in trend. I wonder when the fast retailers like Zara, Asos, and Topman are going to pick it up. I will literally kill for a shirt like that.

And the suspenders were another great addition, I would love to have one after seeing the show, even though I was somehow against the idea before but not now. The suspenders with tees, or shirts paired with Sicilian caps and a nice pair of cropped pants + beautiful leather shoes. It is a dream come true.

Not just the carrot crop pants, but the patchwork denim jeans looked amazing with the suspenders and Sicilian caps. It reminded me of the latest S/S 2011 mens campaign (The Fishing Village theme). It was hot hot hot!

So enjoy the shots:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Till the, Au Revoir!

PS: I know this is a love filled post. Everything sounds so diehard but it is a fabulous show 😉

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