It’s Raining Burberry!

Editor's note: This is the first time I blogged right after a show is done. Live Blogging!
Also, all photos are from and the header image from The Love Magazine Twitter.

Just before I went to sleep, I checked my twitter and I found out that Burberry was livestreaming their Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear show in just a few minutes. I have to say, it is a failure of me for not knowing it earlier but thank god I manage to watch it.

A good 20 minutes when the livestreaming started, it was just a view of the audience and I can hear the familiar beeping of Blackberry’s from Twitter notifications even through a livestream video – that proofs how hardworking the people in the industry are.

And that causes too much anxiety and anticipation, I just could not wait any longer for the show to start. Then it begin – with water dripping down at the start of the runway (maybe as a sign of rain in London’s usual winter?).

And when the first look came strutting out, I was shocked to see plaids coming down. And in bright neon colors to boot. It was a definitely a breath taker due to the fact that it is not the trademark checkers of Burberry but just plain plaid.

But it was love at first sight.

From bright plaids, it turned into bright plain coats matched with similar colored bags, bright linings with monotone colors or monotone linings with bright fabrics.

The black tote with purple-ish blue linings is the one that captured my soul. It was just so simple and to die for.

But for the outfits, the turning point was the laminated and quilted shearling stuffed trench.

From bright colors it went to softer browns, camels and nudes plus a hint of black and white. It was amazing. IT was as if the show was in two parts, a night and day, sun and moon and spring to fall.

A transition as if to give choices for men to have colors to suit the transition from spring to fall and fall to winter – the bright neons (spring) to the browns and reds (fall), and to the nudes, blacks and whites (winter).

But the best of the best look was the short brushed wool duffle coat with shearling trims. (image on the right)

When I thought the show couldn’t get any better, in comes the oversize fur coat in a what I though was a cow skin inspired – think classic cartoon black and white spotted cows.

As I looked closer, then it came to me, I realize (correct me if I am wrong) that it felt more like the rendition of the floral taffeta for female to the mens collection.

With hats in similar prints too. Oh the hats, it was like a toned down version of the Russian fur hats. Also there was berets, which I am currently in love with, though I could wear any hats – it’s only for the people with strong features, I am more of a round face.

And finally the finale.

It was another surprise. The rain at the starting point of the runway spread towards the entire stage and models walked in their outfits covered in an extra layer of clear raincoats. Dramatic but still keeps the clothes from getting wet.

Maybe that will be the new way to wear for a raining cold winter?

And up till the middle of the show, I recognize one of  the song used, it was “Bang, Bang” from Kill Bill, which made the show all the better.

The truth is, this is my first livestream fashion show online – my virgin livestream and it went to Burberry’s Fall/Winter Men’s Collection. I couldn’t have asked more. (hence the instant blogging).

Enjoy some of the looks I heart and just so you know, shearling is still in trend and I couldn’t wait for winter to get my hands on one of them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Till then, Au Revoir!

PS: Does anyone knows whether there is any other live shows out?

3 Responses to “It’s Raining Burberry!”
  1. Ciao from the GUCCI live show online 🙂


  2. My correspondent has been at the show, while I was watching online. I couldn’t make Milan personally this time.

    Albert 🙂

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