A Meeting of Kindred Spirits

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One thing I felt deeply when I met food bloggers was my camera’s self esteem. Being around these people who aim to take marvelous photographs of food with professional cameras, I felt a tad beaten down.

I own a Sony digital camera that was 3 years old with only 3 optical zoom and the best feature of smile detection.

It served me well but still.

Nonetheless, this is not really about the camera. It is about Nuffnang’s Blogger Meetup. The first for 2011.

Though this is my second event for Nuffnang, I got to know a bunch of kindred spirits who share the same passion as me – blogging.

Some were food, some were social media and others were like me fashion and beauty. Though I seem to be the only one focusing on high fashion aka Milan, Paris, London and New York designer fashion (am kind of out of place, huh).

They were amazing people and veterans to boot. I learnt a lot from them. They have tips for a newbie like me which proves to be extremely useful.

So back to the event, it was a small meetup of near 24 bloggers plus Nuffnangers at Pan Asian Restaurant at Chapel Street, a place that I pass by every other week but never got my ass into dining there.

This is a regular meetup with fellow bloggers in Melbourne for us to share our blogging experience and promote our blog.

But today, it was more special, it was kind of a farewell party for Celeste of Berry Travels, food blogger extraordinaire who will be moving to Adelaide for her job.

It was sad to see her leave, Celeste was one of the frequent organizers for the meetup including the Christmas Party that I went and an amazing blogger that taught me a number of things in the two times we met.

So we all met and enjoyed delicious food. The following was the menu:

  1. Tomato gazpacho with lentils (in shots just like jellos)
  2. Peking Duck in a fried mantou (chinese bun)
  3. Cauliflower samosa with pear puree
  4. Asian Bruchetta
  5. Deconstructed spring roll (looks like a bouquet of flowers)
  6. Chicken Roti Pizza (Satay on a pizza slice)
  7. Australian Fish and Chips (dresses in chili mayo)
  8. Brownies with almond and dulce(italian caramel)

All delicious finger foods. See, Pan Asian is a restaurant that does modern takes of Asian food. Not fusion, just a new way of making delicious Asian dishes.

Also, in this meetup, I met new bloggers, those whom I fail to meet in the last meetup because I was late, fashionably late.

They were all great people, like Sarah, I-hua, Vanessa Wong, Vanessa Bowen, Violet, Nick, Thanh Do and April plus a whole lot more. (Sorry if I miss your name.) So all in all, it was a great meeting and I will definitely join the other events that are to come.

Before I end this post, I hope that Celeste, you will have a great time in Adelaide and remember to come back and visit when it is school holidays and to the others I met, great seeing you and hope to see you soon.
Enjoy the photos below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Till then, Au Revoir et Bonne Journee!

PS: Those who took photos, please send them to me via email?
PS to readers:
I will post my feature blogger of the month soon, stay tune =)

4 Responses to “A Meeting of Kindred Spirits”
  1. Celeste says:

    Gosh you are fast! (This is my other blog – the beauty / fashion one, tho it’s leaning more towards beauty right now)

    Thanks for a lovely time, I’ve enjoyed meeting you and hopefully we can continue chatting and being friends! (email me!)

    • VanityPress says:

      Hahahaha. Efficient! Feel like i had to post it before I sleep. lol.

      And cool, will check it out =)

      And I sure will keep in touch!!! Will email you about the self hosting stuff soon ><

  2. Violet says:

    So crazy quick with your post, I haven’t even uploaded photos yet XD I felt the same as you the first time I met other bloggers, serious camera envy! It was very lovely to chat to you, can’t wait for the next meet up!

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