Fragrance Blues

Like what the title says, I am having fragrance blues. Well, maybe I am being a little over dramatic but I am desperately craving for a few new fragrances that I recently discovered.

Those who know me well, by now you should know that I am recently in a fragrance craze. I would literally go to department stores on purpose to have a smell of all kinds of fragrance till I am off my head.

As you see on the collage I made above (pardon the low quality photoshop), I am in love with Bleu De Chanel, Tom Ford’s Noir De Noir and Dolce and Gabbana’s The One Gentleman.

As you see, there is also Marc Jacobs Bang on the collage. I already purchased that for my birthday last year when it first launched in Australia.

It is a fabulous fragrance for men. It smells spicy/woody with hints of pepper (black, white and pink). Divine smell, as I love pepper so much. I cannot live without it.

And then there’s Bleu De Chanel, I fell in love the moment I discovered it. I blame Vogue for this as I first smelt it in the January issue of American Vogue. It’s rare that they put men fragrances in their ads and when I smelt it on the paper, I actually rubbed it on my wrist and neck as indicated in the ad to get some sample taste of it (think Confession of A Shopaholic movie).

Of course, this one smells of pepper too plus a hint of mint fresh/nutmeg – like the ocean breeze.

As for Noir De Noir by Tom Ford, I found it in an exclusive counter at Bourke Street David Jones (the only place in Victoria that sells the perfume). It is less woody than the previously mentioned.

Well, not woody at all. It reminds me of chocolate, cream with hints of spice/floras. Something like a chili chocolate. Smooth, but warm. Sweet but rough at the same time.

And finally Dolce’s The One Gentleman, a random encounter during Christmas sales. It brings a hint of pepper (delish!) and vanilla mixed with lavender. Kind rough at first but settles down perfectly giving hints of masculinity. It felt a little eastern oriental to me which makes me love it.

Well, after all the pep talk on the perfume, here comes the blues. I am not buying it till I finish my Bang.

Why? Because other than Bang, my friend gave me a Armani Attitude for Christmas and these ones that I want to buy is a little more expensive than my usual fragrance price.

The Chanel costs 132 AUD, Dolce cost around the same and most insanely, Tom Ford’s cost the most.

A good 300 AUD, partly because it is a Eau De Parfum and not Eau De Toilette.

So, in conclusion I am feeling sad that I can’t buy any at the moment but when my fragrances finish, I will definitely get them. maybe Bleu de Chanel first.

But if you guys are ind enough, maybe you can get it for me? Birthday? Christmas? Chinese New Year? Independence Day?

So till then, Au Revoir!

PS: And I have a Armani mini collection from Mom earlier last year from her trip to Macau.

2 Responses to “Fragrance Blues”
  1. diva37 says:

    I love this post. I often go to Sephora for the purpose of fragrance testing. It is fun to just go and smell everything you possibly can. I usually write down all my favorites and then go downtown la and buy them at the wholesaler places. Great post.

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