Great Reads for Summer

For those who just came to know me here, you have to know something about me. I am a bookworm aka NERD. Yes, I am.

A hundred percent bookworm.

I read a lot and for the past year and half, i have been engrossed with all books related to fashion. No, I do not mean magazines, though I am a huge magazine (Vogue mainly) fan, but I do read books and here is my reading list for summer.

Most of them were ones I got from Boxing Day Sale, my birthday and online shop, Book Depository.

And as now in my place, it is summer which means lots of free time, reading keeps me occupied, besides working and blogging.

Reading always lightens the day for me. Not just fashion related books, I love reading fictions (fantasy mainly), and blogs as well.

So, these books I have is great and I cannot wait to start reading them. I had only begin reading the Coco Chanel by Justin Picardie and am already a quarter through.

This book is highly recommended to all fashionistas/nistos and Mademoiselle Chanel’s fans. Like all Coco Chanel books, it is about her life.

Though like in all of them, it investigates the life of the lady and not all are cold hard facts. As you get to know Mademoiselle, she hides her secrets well and dozens of versions were told.

But through reading the first few chapters, I got to know her more and of Chanel, the brand too. The aesthetics behind the brand, and the history of its maker.

Though I have yet to read the others, I am sure it will be as endearing as this one.

So these few are my current reading list for January:

I will post my second list in February which by then I hope I finished all the books fro the first list.

The definite book on the Feb list would the Fashion Blogs by d’Jonge Hond which I encounter in the blog, Katelovesme.

So, for my next few posts, I might be featuring some interesting bloggers that I found extremely interesting.

But, till then, Au Revoir!

3 Responses to “Great Reads for Summer”
  1. Maelle says:

    The Fashion Designers’ book is simply awesome. Full of awesomeness. So inspiring !

  2. Celeste says:

    I love dreaming of chanel and am now considering getting dreaming of dior. Such easy reads and yet so full of beautiful stories!

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