Can She Reach The Top?

Editor's Note: Photos are credits to Vogue Italia's Website

So, who still watches America’s Next Top Model? Me.

Yes, despite the seasons of failure at producing a real top model, I am still with them. Partly because Andre Leon Talley is the new judge and Vogue Italia is the new prize.

So the winner was announce a few weeks back and I just found out that the winning model, Ann Ward’s spread in Vogue Italia was sleaked.
Well, not really leaked. Vogue Italia actually posted some raw shots of her spread in their website. So here they are!

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Just some background about the “elevated’ ANTM, the winner got a few good prizes compared to the last seasons. There’s the usual contract with Cover Girl (Easy, Breezy, blablabla), and the new prizes are contract with IMG Models, spread in Vogue Italia, cover and spread of Beauty in Vogue (Vogue Italia’s beauty magazine).

So there you go, finally a prize that is actually worth fighting for and also might actually get you to the top.

When I was watching the show for the last few months, I was actually happy because Tyra Banks finally recognizes the power of quirkiness equals high fashion and embrace it.

For the last 14 seasons, all the quirky girls that can do amazing editorials were out because they weren’t commercial. No personality. But now, quirky triumph! Kudos to that.

Or maybe Tyra always wanted to go for the high fashion but never got a deal for the prizes until ALT came. Seriously I think that ANTM gets the new prizes because Andre is in the show.

And the judges and photographers, fro DVF, Zac Posen to Patrick Demarchelier. Amazing!

So what do you think? Can Ann Ward reach the top or at least somewhee near the likes of Chanel Iman, Karolina, Abbey Lee, Sasha, Coco, Raquel and all?

PS: After the Patrick Demarchelier episode, I seriously want to style a girl and do the running and snap editorial. It looks so cool!

2 Responses to “Can She Reach The Top?”
  1. Tom says:

    I saw all 15 cycles of ANTM. I love Tyra Banks and her show! And It was for the first time when my favorite modele, Ann, won!


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