The War of Boxing Day

Well, with Christmas ended and Boxing Day started, you know I will be going into a shopping craze. In Melbourne, the crazed sale starts on the 26th, Boxing Day and normally ends a few days before or after New Years.

And me being me, started my spree on Boxing Day itself at 6 am (Myer and David Jones were opened at 5am) and my day ended at 6 pm, a personal record of longest day of non-stop shopping.

Surpassing the record of Chadstone 24 hours sale that I went. So kudos to me, I guess?

And thank the gods I went with my new-found Fashionista friend, Kiki and my old friend May (though she was 7 hours late).

Well, thumbs up to Kiki because she showed me shops that I never been to and I managed to snatch up some good deals. So that day, I ended up coming home with six shopping bags, a little less compared to last year.

I have to say, I am a changed man because now I buy considerately. The question of “Need or Want?” keeps popping into my head, which only occurs recently for some weird reason.

So I limited myself to things I need and not just impulse. A good way of shopping, I’d say.

Or maybe it’s because my wardrobe choice had evolved. Last year I bought like a dozen t-shirts, this year, I got none.

For real, no tees bought this whole year because I think it’s time to invest in more matured outfits, shirts (casual and formal), blazers and vests. All timeless pieces that does not go out of style, rather than tees that has fancy prints that you can’t wear for long.

I do buy tees but it’s all the basic ones in plain colors, but enough talk. Here’s my spoils of war.

1: Shoes from Nine West($74), Wittner ($54) and Marcs ($39). (from left to right)
2: Blazer from Nique ($90)
3. Shirt from Academee ($30)
4: Books from Forever New ($25 each)
5: Gourmet Dog Bikkies from David Jones ($9.95)

So there’s my spoils. I have a few more items from the Stella McCartney Collection (Half Price NOW!) to buy for my sister and mummy, so will post later. And FYI, heels are for my sister, not me!

Till then, Au Revoir!

PS: Did you know Nique means “F***” in french?

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