Chaddy Disappointment!

As you all Melburnians out there, you might already heard of the Chadstone sale started last night till today (24th) 6pm. The massive sale for 24 hours in Chadstone Shopping Mall.

Well, I was there. I have to say the sale was massive. Everything seemed worth buying. It was a crazy night, there were a million people there, literally. Everyone was there for last minute Christmas shopping.

I went with my two friends, May and Kiki. It was fun to walk for almost 11 hours minus watching Due Date (a great comedy by Iron Man). As I wrote this, I just got home and was ape-shit tired!

But I have to say, as fun as it was to shop/hang out with my friends, I was disappointed. Why? Because I got nothing at all. NOTHING! (story of my life, I know)

It was all bad planning (by yours truly) and stores that lied. It was suppose to be a 24 hours sale. All shops were meant to be opened for 24 hours but some stores, decided that they are better than others, closed by 3 am. So it was a partial false publicity.

Back to the story, it was also my bad planning. I decided on walking by floors and not jump straight to stores that I had my eyes on to avoid missing on other shops and it was less confusing.

The result, I missed a 70% sale at Armani Exchange and everything in David Jones. A huge mistake because I would have gotten something there, I think.

That aside, it was also because of the uncooperative stores which decide to skip the 24 hours rule and close for a few hours from 3 am to 8 am. Sad.

I think Chadstone should enforce the rule to all stores to stay OPEN! but now, it is too late to change anything. So I’ll have to wait for Boxing Day.

Which means, better deals and cheaper stuff. Look, a silver lining over.

So lesson learned. Next time, dive straight to the stores you love and look at others later. learn from me, people!

Anyhow, I am dead tired and heading to bed. To those who need to shop more for Christmas, get there now! There are is much to shop.

Till my Boxing Day venture, I bid you all, Au Revoir!

PS: Apologies to the lack of post. Am searching for materials and also of procrastination.
PS2: Due Date is a much watch comedy. Iron Man and Fat Guy from Hangover, need I say more?

One Response to “Chaddy Disappointment!”
  1. chidnai says:

    Christmas is meant to be a joyous time of year — an chance for family and friends to get together and celebrate the holiday season as befits their customs and beliefs. Unfortunately, the sheer number of planning that’s complicated can sometimes detract from the enjoyment of the occasion, and the pressure of a deadline can sometimes make Christmas seem more like hard work than a happy festival. And for some people, the concept of Christmas shopping is the anticipation that they dread the most.

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