Ford Through A River of Obstacles and Voila!

As I just got my hands on the December Issue of American Vogue,I skipped through most of the things except for the Editor’s Note and Life with Andre section, I dived straight into the feature on Tom Ford, or what he wants himself called, “Mr Ford”.

The reason? Because his latest show was not shown to public, as he wants it to make it exclusive and not bow down to the media influences in fashion nowadays.

His new point of view focuses on his clients and showing collection of the current season and not preview clothes a season prior to putting it on racks.

Part of the reason was that clothes will get bored if you show it 6 months prior to the selling – which is incredibly true but that is the way it is now (not that I would complain).

From the man who started the trend of celebrities wearing the latest collection for the coming seasons on red carpets, that is a big contradiction.

After six years of self-exile from the womenswear, he is finally back and that was incredible anticipation from everyone in the industry.

His new collection for women is just breathtaking and surprisingly classic and timeless.

One might expect extremely sexed up clothing from him as he was the one who change Gucci and YSL’s aesthetic in the nineties.

But enough of the talk and let’s see some of the looks that is in the collection. The look that captured me the most was the silk-loose blouse and sequin jacket worn by Stella. AMAZING! The rest is great as well. Let’s just enjoy it.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, this is just a short one to share my excitement about the collection, though I don’t sound like that. As I am writing this, I am having a bad sugar rush which results in nausea and migraine. Not the usual effect on me. Sad but yeah.

Apologies for the bad writing on this. I promise the next would be better.

Till then, Au Revoir!

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