The Last Bits of Runway

So, to end my runway spree for the last two or more months, I present to you the three other designers I loved for the seaosn. Well, there were more but the ones mentioned at Vanity Press (here) are the main ones. I loved bits and pieces from a whole lot of designers but prominent ones gets coverage.

So for the last remaining, there is, of course Balmain. Like most of Balmain’s collections that I noticed, it is all about rock and roll, could be punk, alternative, modern but it will always be rock – or at least that’s what I thought.

Correct me if I’m wrong, am no expert yet but I talk from what I’ve seen for a while now.

So this season, it would obviously be the punk-ish rock and roll vibe from the 70s. In fact, a lot stretch of designers went for that vibe – anything from the 70s.

What captured me the most was the safety pins. I do not know how many did the collection require to finish but it’s a hell lot – more than anything I had use for my life.

Rather than sewn, it was a pinned to perfection, slashes and cuts from the back, sleeves, neckline, to shoulders and bosoms.

It somehow reminded me of the Star Girls by Testino for British Vogue’s November Star Issue, of Freja in that grudge mixed with punk rock look.

And speaking of Freja, the simple red color flag print singlet in the show was surprisingly captivating. It’s a tee and might not fit to be in a ready to wear but it is just plain chic.

And to plain chic, we also have Celine, duh? The one who revived minimalism for this fall/winter and she is still in a streak.

Like I said before, the surgeon neckline is definitely in. I’m not sure whether that is what professionals would call it but it is sure as hell, that I would be using this phrase for that look.

Though this neckline had been in Celine’s last spring collection but it is reworked.

With the surgeon neck but in striped satin (I think), it was gorgeous and could be worn from beach to work or weekend! So grab those up ladies, if you can’t then go scout for similar in cheaper range. And not to mention that white cape parka poncho – a hybrid – it was breathtaking but only for the lengthy ones (or with 5 inch heels?)

Now there was also Isabel Marant for the younger, hipper and energetic look.

Well, we all love the London highstreet looks, notably from icons like Alexa Chung, but have you seen Parisienne streetwear mixed with the high end r-t-w looks?

You got it in Isabel with the mix Parisienne girls and American varsity jock girls. There was the football jacket, the hoodies and the tunic knits. It practical and chic – essential Parisian sportswear.

There was simple sweaters, tees, shrugs and khakis. It was all so fabulous and again the look that Freja spot on the runway was amazing – the simple tri-color long tee, simple pants and a nude heel. Tres belle!

Definitely an aspiration for those young and hip girls in their 20s and maybe some boys too.

So, this Spring/Summer had been wonderful to watch, the comeback of Stefano, the classy Marc, bold Mary, Greek Diane and navy Dior. It was all too good and juicy.

If the collections are this good, I can’t wait to see the ads next year. And indulge on this last bits of S/S 2011 photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So that’s a wrap for S/S 2011. And I am apologetic for the constant last posting for the last month. At least now I picked up the pace back, right?

So before I say “CIAO!”, I have something very interesting to share. Something about Chanel and Balenciaga but I would not talk till my next post in the next two days or so. I’m not sure if anyone knows this but I was kinda surprised when I knew.

So before I leak out anything, I should say CIAO! or should I say, Au Revoir?

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