Fabeaux Laurent!

It had been a talk about the hit or miss of Stefano Pilati’s collection for Yves Saint Laurent. He might be good in one season but misses the next. But to me, he was always good at least for the past few seasons I paid close attention too.

But last season was less impressionable compared to S/S 2010 but this season, it definitely hit the bull-eyes of fabulous chicness and recaptures all the essence of Monsieur Saint Laurent himself.

The most impressionable detail of the show was definitely the front pocket which is sewn slightly right of the crotch. A weird positioning but works like a charm, just like the slit pocket from Celine’s S/S 2010.

And notice the high slits of everything, and the off shoulders is like a reveal and conceal thing – to peek your mystery and arouse you.

And the open-back jumpsuit was a blast. To me, jumpsuits are like coveralls, it covers all just like a mechanic or plumber but an openback makes it all the more sexy.

The off shoulders dresses was breath taking as ever, a must have in most of the YSL collection if not all.

It was plain chic and romantically minimal, which is what I think YSL stands for. not to mention the shoes – perfectly structured geometrical shoes that is such a contrast to the fluidity and bounce of the outfits.

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Another post on the runways of S/S 2011 and I will be done. So till then, CIAO!

2 Responses to “Fabeaux Laurent!”
  1. Oh man… that red dress is so covet worthy. The shape is to die for.

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