A November Hawaiian Christmas

The Meet up!

As some of you who are not a Nuffnanger, you might not know about this but yesterday (Thursday) was the Nuffnang’s Christmas Party at Honey Bar. Well, since it is Australia and Christmas will be hot here, Nuffnang decided to go with a Hawaiian Christmas and a blue one to top it – official color of Nuffnang.
Lady Melbourne and Moi

And being myself, I went to the event late. Real late. It started at 6pm but I thought it was 6.30pm and should end around 8 and I thought it ends at 9. So I arrived at the party at 7.30pm. I could’ve sworn I got the right time but when I checked again…. let’s just move past that.

So when I arrived with my plus one, Miss May, I think a quarter of the guests left and we missed some food but they still have fabulous prawns and chicken satay ala Melbourne style, which means the satay is not stay, just chicken on a  stick.

So this is my first ever Nuffnang event, I was nervous and excited. nervous that what if I can’t talk to anyone and be at a corner sipping my cocktail. Excited because it’s my first blogger event.

But as everything that happens around me – most of them – all well ends well. It was an amazing party. I met a lot of great bloggers and non-bloggers too. Everyone was really nice and we get a free flower hop.

I only took a few snaps and gonna share it below, check it.

Before that, let me say, it was lovely to meet all of them – Vanessa (Nuffnang’s liaison), Celeste (Berry Travel), Poppy (Poppy Gets A Life), Thanh Do (I Eat, Therefore I am), Kevin, Lady Melbourne (Lady Melbourne), Penny, and a lot more.

It was great fun and hope to get together again with them in the next meetup.

Till then, CIAO! or Au Revoir!

PS: Whoever wants the photos, send me an email! Will send it to you.
PS1: Sorry Celeste, the photo with you was blur, did not notice but there’s plenty of chance for a snap when we meet!

2 Responses to “A November Hawaiian Christmas”
  1. Hi Calvin,

    lovely to meet you on Thursday! And don’t worry, I don’t think anyone would have noticed that you were a little late, lots of people came around 7:30pm!

    All the best,

  2. VanityPress says:

    That is true.. By any chance could you send me the photo you took of me and lady melbourne?

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