Why Not Here? (A Tantrum Post)

One of the main reason, i want to live in New York, after I graduate is for their events/exhibits!

Everything fabulous and interesting is in the Metropolitan Museum, mostly and no where else. I never had this tantrum before. Let me tell you.

When I’m in Malaysia, I never regretted not being able to go for certain events or exhibitions that I love because there is nothing much there for me to want. The only best thing there that I want able to attend to was the STYLO KL FAshion Festival, the fashion week for Malaysia – kind of. And it was because they had a trunk show for Versace’s Spring/Summer 2009.

It was fabulous. Other than that, there was nothing fashion wise that I would want to be a part of there.

When I first came to Melbourne, I thought, “At last, I get to join the proper world of fashion. Since Melbourne can be considered the fashion capital,”.

It was better than Malaysia in a way but not much. I get to go to the L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, and the Spring Fashion Week. It was all good.

Then I came across this: “Valentino Restrospective: Past/Present/Future”. Excited? Of course I was! But get this, it was in freaking Brisbane and I have to work or study during the period of the exhibition.

It was just plain sad. Why can’t they have it in Melbourne or at both place, like a tour kind of exhibition.

That’s not the worse, after the decease of the all mighty Alexander McQueen, the fashion industry finally decide to throw an exhibition for him in the coming Spring in New York – The Metropolitan Museum.

This was the last straw. It is McQueen! And i could not go, this is a one in a life time chance, just like the Valentino which I missed goddamn it!

So yeah, now I have a resolution of diamond and steel! New York, I will be with you as soon as I can!



Until then, I will just sulk by the corner.



One Response to “Why Not Here? (A Tantrum Post)”
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