When Flora and Fauna Went To The Disco

When the title says it all, this season’s Louis Vuitton is all about florals and animals but not in their original habitat – they are in the disco, for the spring/summer. It seemed that this season, Marc Jacobs made the collection at the borderline of freak and fabulous, but more towards the fabulous side. Something like the afro collection, if you get it.

So this season, Marc jumped into the zoo, grabbed a few zebras, giraffes and pandas and stamp them on the fabrics for prints.

And that were mixed with orientalism, from China cheongsams to Japanese kimonos.

The first look out was a black cheongsam with a high front slit – which made you think maybe it is a hybrid of a kimono and cheongsam – sewn with little fringe patches all over and worn with a simple strap-on heel and a body suit inside.

It might look simple, but it was actually quite impressionable, especially after last season’s minimal approach. This was a blast of fresh air.

Some also might say that there was no 70s influence like many of the other designers, either the punk or hipster look, but take a close look to the make-up, it hints a certain type of grunge, punk look – something that reminds me of McQueen’s Asylum collection.

From this collection, as expected fro one of the power fashion houses, LV had everything from day to resort and evening.

The cheongsams can be evening or red carpet, depending on personal style or maybe as outerwear for a windy spring.

Then there are all the fringed dresses and chainmail-ish tunics for evenings, cocktails and maybe a weekend (the tunic).

As of course, we have daywear, from a simple cheongsam top and body suit, it can go well for beach, plus a fan for heat.

Then the more formal look of suit and pant in color blocking – which came in most of the other looks – seemed extremely Andy Warhol pop art.

And of course, the animal prints from evening to sweaters. A blue zebra print chiffon-ish gown to a animal head (lion, panda, zebra) printed sweater tops and surgeon dresses.

It was like a blast of energy bursting out of the runway, although the music is whimsical and the runway decorated with taxidermic tigers and gloss marbles on floor – like a zoo-themed disco with classical music.

The bags were amazing, the new speedy and the clutches were to die for. And from the kitten heels in the last collection, Marc jumped back to high heels but just a simple strapped heel.

Enough words and enjoy the looks below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s all for now. CIAO!

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