V-OJ Parade for Dior

From the modern remake of L’Année dernière à Marienbad, comes another remake – more like reinterpretation.

A different take on a Caribbean vacation from Dior.

From the couture’s floral extravaganza by Galliano, in the S/S collection, we moved to another type of floral – the tropical. Think Hawaii and South Pacific tropical but jammed in with sailor/navy inspiration – the fleet week.

To make it simple, think V-J day in Times Square, the iconic photo of a sailor kissing the nurse – that was the feeling when you see Dior.

The first look was the most captivating. Karlie Kloss stomped the runway as if she was the winning cause of V-J.

She wore a sailor’s cap, in a white parka and a palm leaves printed simple cocktail and amazing black and white ankle boots and a hairdo of the 40s/70s.

The first glance of the look already confirmed that the parka would be a must have this season.

Another show of the parka came in the third look, similar styling but added with a white tassel belt with flower ends – such slight hint of elegance.

While the daywear was a must have – all of it – the evening was not as impressive. It was good but the daywear definitely stole the show for Dior.

And speaking of Dior, of course we have Galliano’s self named brand, John Galliano. From the demure and chic Dior, Galliano jumped into a world of Maria Lani in her variety of looks.

Maria was an actress but famous of paintings of her by 50 over artist in the 1920s.

Though I do not know her, with the power of Google, I found those paintings and it shows in Galliano’s collection.

Rather than Maria Lani, from someone who does not know her, they might see a world of ventriloquist mixed in a couture circus.

It was mix of inspiration – from old hollywood, Russian ballerinas to caribbeans, day of the dead, it was a fantasy collection.

There were a series of crazy layered, textured dresses and ensembles – it was as though it was a female version of the Charlie Chaplin menswear collection from him for Spring 2011.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, that’s all for now in Paris and more to come in the next few days.
Stay tuned. CIAO!

4 Responses to “V-OJ Parade for Dior”
  1. toni says:

    What a great blog. Got a new reader. Really love it.
    Keep posting. Im waiting for it!

  2. poet says:

    So… where are the mushroom-cloud inspired tulle skirts, then? (snark, snark 🙂 I actually really dislike that iconic photo – to me, the body language clearly says the woman is rather taken aback by the kiss. This collection looks great, though…


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