Joyeux Anniversaire à Moi

As some of you might know, it was my birthday 20 days ago. It’s kind of an extremely late post but what the heck? I should have a post about it since it was my 21st.

Yup, I finally joined the 20s group. See, i always take twenty as twenteen, I was still a teen until I turn 21. At least, that’s my justification.

So most people would throw a crazy party, get drunk, get laid and what else? Get killed? No, I’m joking about the last one.

21st is really something to celebrate. For one, you are officially legal in any part of the world – US! And in your parents’ eyes, you are considered as mature, well, kind of matured?

So yeah, it is a big deal. A big step to adulthood I guess. This is the time when you have to think about your career and life path. For those taking their tertiary education, it is about time to graduate – I have another 6 months.

And then you have to take a step to the work life. Rather than taking my 21st as a time to go crazy and celebrate, I think of it as a signal that I have to grow up faster and be ready to take on the working life.

Well, I did celebrate. What would a birthday be without a celebration – even the tiniest one.

Mine was nice, I had a few of my best mates in Australia celebrating with me – Adrian, Morgan and Emily – the night before on the 19th.

We went to Crown Hotel for dinner and casino. I won $85 from black jack. Went home and slept.

Then on my birthday (20th Oct), woke up and met May for lunch and a walk around the city. Rather aimless.

So yeah, that was about it. What amazed me for my birthday was Facebook.

I have like a million wall post by all of my friends, whether they are my close friends since a toddler, or someone I have yet to talk to in a few years and of course, my college mates. I was surprisingly touched about it despite the rumor of me being a cold-hearted ass.

And another was my presents. It was amazing. I got a Skullcandy headphone from Morg and Adrian, a book on Vogue Australia from Emily, a travel novel from Saem, a set of Marc Jacobs BANG perfume from myself and a key pendant from my mommy.

Oh, plus a David LaChapelle autograhped photobook which I would talk about soon.

And then there was the journal book that May got me and she even made me a certificate for turning 21.

Anyway less talk, and more photos to show you.
(Note: Some of it are still missing because I have yet to get my hands on it)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS: My wardrobe for the night.
Suit – Padini
Skinny Chinos – Topman
Shirt – Tarocash
Shoes – Rubi Shoes
Glasses – Raybans

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