2010’s L’Année dernière à Marienbad

After the long wait, here comes my Paris Spring/Summer post. As I listen to the Rocky Horror Show tunes, I put the amazing, fabulous and breathtaking shows from Paris into digital words.

In Paris, we have, of course, Chanel – the ever beautiful and classic icon of Paris fashion. This season, as Karl Lagerfeld put it, it was a reminiscent of L’Année dernière à Marienbad, a 1960s French film which did not receive a good review from but did won several awards including the Golden Lion from Venice Film Festival.

Despite the good or bad of the movie, through the hands of Karl Lagerfeld, even a bad film could turn into a great fashion show.

Part of the reason of the adaption was because Mademoiselle Chanel herself was the costume designer for the film and that may have sparked Karl’s interest of it.

Remember the last show where icebergs were placed in the Grand Palais?

If you think nothing can top that show, you are indeed wrong. This season, Karl decides to put a modern duplicate of the famous garden in the movie.

It was like watching the film itself but taken in 2010.

In this amazing huge runway, the first piece that donned it, was a simple black tweed jacket with a heavily accessorized white blouse underneath with a matching pant – in miniscule cut outs – paired with a white pair of clog wedges.

The jacket like the pant was also in cut out but from far, it might pass as shards of mirrors plastered to it.

Like all Chanel collections, it was filled with tweeds in different colors and silhouettes. Also with the wheat inspired accessories which was one of Mademoiselle’s favourite plant.

Perhaps the most memorable pieces of the show was the dresses.

For one, there was a heavily laced embroidered sleeveless in black and white. T was simple elegant and classic Chanel with a hint of whimsy in it.

And then there was the mohair/feather nude dress worn by Carmen Kass and the black cocktail in similar texture by Stella.

Rather than a show, it was a film of itself. If, films like Pink Panther could be remade, this 18 minute show was definitely a modern remake of L’Année dernière à Marienbad.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy and Dior would be up next for you. CIAO!

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