A Bewitching Fantasy

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As I promised, I am back on my runway talks and this post is all about Alexander McQueen – you had it coming. It’s my first Paris post and obviously I’m diving straight in to Sarah Burton’s debut Pret-A-Porter collection.

It’s been months since McQueen himself, passed away – exactly 8 months and 14 days. Since his last Fall/Winter collection, the men collection came and it was an applaud to Sarah but what everyone – I expect – are waiting for her debut on womenswear and it was finally here – a few weeks back.

Remember how all McQueen collections had been all fantasy, but not the happy ending you’d expect. We had asylum fit, sexual and torturing fantasies. Some might say those were demeaning but I say, fantastically done.

Fantasy has always been unreal and differ from reality and what he did was a release for us from our daily torture. It is like releasing all the pent up negativity, cynicism and sadism within.

But back to Sarah’s debut collection, it was still fantasy but it was softer and more whimsical. The darkness prolongs but in shades of brighter color. Madness was tamed or maybe just resting but you still feel the fear it instills – just like when you see a lion in a cage but you still fear it would pounce and break the cage to have a go on you.

Sarah showed that she could rework McQueen’s signature and defining pieces, in her own way. It was still a McQueen signature but in Sarah’s prints. I see a few significant ones. For one was the bird theme, which McQueen used repeatedly.

We have a pheasant like dress, with the long feathers wrapping the skirt of the gown. A rework of the F/W 2009 black feather dress, in which Sarah incorporated with the butterfly theme. It was in white prints that looked like butterfly wings pasted all over and in a way reminds me of the black feather dress.

And speaking of the butterflies, there were a few other, like the black leather dress that looked shredded reminds me of the red butterfly head piece. We have the famous Kate Moss flowing dress from F/W 2006 – where she was projected as a holographic image – reworked in it’s silhouette and color, resulting a anemone like dress which was amazing.

The signature tailored tail coat with high shoulders were cut revealing a hint of skin and created movement. Everything was a softer side of the label. A differ from the original McQueen where he always showcaed the darker side of the mind.

Sarah now showed that there are the vulnerability behind that dark and ferocious mind. And like a few other designers, you can get a feel of paganism and earthiness, which were amazingly 70s where all hippies were born and getting in touch with the nature.

Relating to that, the hair was a amazing piece of art. Weaving the hair like how baskets were done was simply great – an image of the leave weaved basket in Malaysia struck me. And as always the shoes were amazingly done. have a look and you would smile.

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That’s all of McQueen for this season and I, like all others cannot wait for the next season to arrive. I have great hopes for Sarah Burton. Like most of my McQueen posts, LONG LIVE MCQUEEN!

PS: More to come soon once I get all of my photos organized.


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