I’m Kinda Featured!

Note: This is kinda of a guest post by Samantha Lowcock, my coursemate from Advance Print Reporting. She wrote a feature on me for our tutorial. The story behind this feature is after Sam’s.


Calvin Chong has a penchant for fashion.

From his Ray Ban glasses through to his shoes that are made for looking rather than walking, Chong is one put together 20 year old.

Calvin is a Malaysian born Chinese.

However he in no way conforms to the racist stereotype of a flamboyant male Asian fashion enthusiast.

Instead of coming off as overtly confident, he oozes self assuredness through posture, eye contact and his ability to speak with poise in a language which is not his native one.

His feisty manner when discussing the inherent racism that runs throughout the Malaysian people and government for those who aren’t Malaysian contrasts heavily with his playful bouncy excitement when speaking about how he will eventually working in New York.

Most people hold back about their fetishes, but Calvin’s isn’t that type that will get a politician ousted.

He speaks about his love for Japanese culture, particularly comics and fantasy novels and these provide an insight into Chong’s outlook at life.

A need to escape Malaysia and the tough censorship laws – he tells me with a mixture of delight and disgust that arm pits get blurred out of deodorant advertisements because the government believes they are vulgar – is mirrored in his love of escapist literature.

Having already completed a diploma in advertising, Calvin came to Australia to get into fashion reporting, he swapped family and corruption for a small room in a share house with a big wardrobe and press freedom.


So here’s the story, we had a tutorial a couple of weeks ago where we had to interview one of our classmates that we don’t really know – to test our interviewing skills per se. But the truth behind the exercise was to tell us that do not interview your friends for your assignment.

Yup, that’s the real lesson. According to my lecturer, the lovely Mandy, Geelong Cats die-hard and journalist extraordinaire, we do not interview friends because they are young and hadn’t been through much. We do not need to know where he/she studied or participated in a class mixer or anything.

So, we were warned not to interview anyone below 26, which I agree. Say you interviewed someone in their 20/21, what can they tell you about life, they had only lived a quarter of it.

And, so Mandy tested us on it. I have to say I may be 21 and have nothing much but Sam did write a great profile of me.

So what do you think? I think Sam was wonderful and great to write such a nice thing for me.

And this is just a filler before my next post on Paris Fashion Week and the birthday of MOI, which happened a few days ago.


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