The Unconventional Couture

When one thinks of couture, it is all about the hand sewn intricate details of a dress, even if it is translated into pret-a-porter style. But for Dolce and Gabbana in Spring/Summer 2011, it all about unconventional materials.

If you watch too many seasons of Project runway, you can’t help but think of party supplies or hardware if unconventional were mentioned. but it is not all that for D&G. To Stefano and Domenico, they are probably not thinking about crazy stuff like Project Runway, they think how to translate a fresh sense of their sartorialism, elegant and Sicilian feel into their collection. Well, they sure did, using curtains and table tops as part of their fabric choice this season – interior fabrics to be general.

From the black focus last season, they moved onto the white which is the Milan equivalent for Alexander Wang’s move – and from the opposite colors. And they have a story for the show – as always.

It’s a dream they dreamt. About a woman getting prepared with her bridal perfection and last minute the wedding is off and she tears off the gown and made it to day to day wear. Through the story, you see a sense of empowerment for women, if the dress does not work for you, change it – Carrie Bradshaw, that’s to you and your wedding uproar in the first film.

Everything was soft and flowy, a touch out of the classic Dolce but when you think it is all from them, the leopard prints and sensual black corsets storms in. it is like an metamorphosis from an Angel to the Lucifer. A few numbers were to die for, the classic Dolce and Gabbana corset and pant, the flowy white dress under a printed leaf organza and the laced fabric cop jacket. It was love love love!

Also to the note that I think the duo should really consider becoming a proper and official film director. Their minds work like one and why not? Seeing their opening film in the show from this and the last season was breathtaking.

Una Perfezione Bianco!

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That’s one word to say about the collection. And yes, as you might notice, this is a post dedication to Dolce and Gabbana because of its ever fabulousness and should be in the spotlight alone.

So till the next time, Addio, miei lettori!

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