Stella McCartney For Target

Exciting and fabulous news for the fashionistas of Australia. As Aussies, you know how designers for lesser price rarely to never come to Australia – the last was a while ago with Proenza Schouler. We are in luck now, well the ladies because Stella McCartney’s latest collab with target is coming to Australia.

Those who read my Frocktober post would have known by now. This is a more detailed post.

It’s due to be in stores on 29th October and there are no lay bys or rain checks, so queue up early people!

If you think there’s nothing special about the news, then you are not one of us.

Note that, a Stella cocktail would cost around 2500 USD and now there are available at 229 AUD, isn’t that good enough? (Target dress available in nude and black)

One might think it is a pricey item from target but the STELLA MCCARTNEY for crying out loud.

One example, I found is this red embroidered and laced cocktail dress from the actual brand, it cost around 2500USD and next to it is a similar number done for Target which cost only 229AUD. True, the quality would not be as good nor the details re as intricate but it’s a money for value thing.

Go to the Target website to check it out, there are 29 ensembles and styles to choose from and not counting the accessories from bangles, bags to clutches.

I got to know the news when I was check momma Karen Cheng‘s blog where she was invited to the press conference in Sydney.

And here are some of the looks I recommend and love to the bits. Prices are written after the images.

From left:

  • Lace Dress (Black/Blue) – 199 AUD
  • Ruched Panel Dress (Magenta/Steel Grey) – 169 AUD
  • Racer Back Knit Tank Top (Black/Nude) – 89 AUD
    Tapered Tailored Trousers
    (Navy/Black) – 99 AUD
    Tote Bag – 99 AUD
  • Ribbon Tie Dress (Off White/Felicia) – 149 AUD
  • Embroidered Lace Strapless (Nude/Black) – 229 AUD

So, ladies, get your purses ready and shop it all. Remember you might need to queue up early 😉


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