The Love for Desert and Olive of Popeye

There seem to be quite a few desert lovers in Spring/Summer 2011, from New York, we have Donna Karan and Milan now, we have Armani, a tad in Gucci and some in Cavalli. Though it is desert inspired in general, the designers reinterpreted what they saw in a desert, in their own unique way.

Donna Karan did something on the waves of sands of the desert but for Armani, it was the nights in the desert. A true Arabian Nights compared to Donna Karan whom I used the same phrase, she was more a day in life of a desert. There were plenty of shimmer and shine in the collection, which I think is to the night skies of Sahara – starless night or starful night. Like the night skies, the collection was of one tone – navy blue but in different shades.

That being said, the navy came in different shades and texture which does not say one tone at all. The different shapes and textures of the outfits made the color seemed less important and dull. Everything looked different and the simple knee length evening gown was the best. That would definitely be on the red carpet soon enough.

Like all Armani collection, it was cinematic yet simple. It is a hard task to describe but if you were with Armani for a few collection, you would notice and understand that. He is also one of the few all time minimalist that brings something fresh to the table.

The most beautiful touch to the collection was the head wraps or turbans (normally worn by soldiers and warrior in the ancient times) which made the models seemed slightly genderless but still feminine – think Aladdin and Jasmine.

And to the cinematic side, he had a number of pagoda shaped dresses which seemed faraway from the desert – not in Armani’s world.

From the Arabian, we moved to the Egyptians from Gucci. Frida decided to put a tad of Egyptian reference to her bright and upbeat collection. It was only a hint, like the golden tassel belts and embellishments on the gowns. One of the most noted ones was the black dress with gold ornament on the bosoms which looked like ornaments worn by Egyptian Queens.

What was more noted in the collection was pure glam. The bright orange lips and color blocking from the start was something fresh to Gucci since a few seasons ago. The show started with Raquel in a bright coat blocked with a blue top and a green/grey-ish pant with a gold belt and tassel ropes. It was upbeat, seductive and elegant. But the most memorable part of the show was the basket weavings and fringes. It was pure tribal but yet sophisticated. The amount of detail to the work was amazing and it gives a whole new dimension to the show. Everything was just glamourously done.

To a whole different dimension, we have Prada in Olive from Popeye. Remember her? The woman in a sleek bun, extremely lengthy, always with a red top and past knee length skirt and the Mickey mouse like shoes – wife of the Spinach enthusiast. That was the initial thought when I saw the collection. But in Prada, Olive was one gorgeous lady. But the Olive theme was more on the makeup and shoes than the outfits.

The outfits in Prada this season was extremely interesting because there was so many different eras and trends in it. One of the trends was the surgeon top, something that came up in the mens collection. The surgeon neckline was something that I found intriguing and somewhat fabulous. Though I did not fancy it in the mens collection but for the ladies, it is a must have. The new neckline is something to watch out for in Prada.

And then there are the stone carvings printed on the dresses. Carvings that you see in many buildings in Italy and sometimes Victorian furnitures – baroque inspired.

Prada was somewhat loud but minimal this season. The colors and prints were loud and upbeat but brought down by the simple silhouettes and shapes. A rather exciting show. But I think her last season had more of an impact. We’ll wait and see for this season, whether she manage to stomp on all the magazine covers again.

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Well, that’s all for now. There is much to post and I have yet to find enough time to post it. More Milan will be up this week and till then, CIAO!

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  1. […] clothes but not an amazing show), I do not know what to expect from Gucci and from Frida. But their spring/summer 2010 collection for womenswear were amazing with its desert and Eygptian […]

  2. […] clothes but not an amazing show), I do not know what to expect from Gucci and from Frida. But their spring/summer 2010 collection for womenswear were amazing with its desert and Eygptian […]

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