I Suppport Frocktober, Do You?

Amidst all the runway reviews that I have to post, I decided on something closer to home (Melbourne) for a change. Something worthwhile and worth your time to really read it.

Frocktober, as you probably might know (if not, you should) is a campaign on wearing frocks during the month of October to support the awareness of ovarian cancer, the health care of women and basically celebrate women.

What started off as a group of friends trying to raise money as part of their philanthropy became a success and now celebrated all around Australia.

What initiate the idea was simply wearing dresses to a pub and pass around a hat to raise some funds – they got $200. they then chose the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation as their beneficiary and I have to say, it was a success as it was just a small group of people trying.

It is also a response to a male counterpart of a campaign, the Movember where men grew moustaches to raise funds for prostate cancer and depression.

It went from just a bunch of friends, to a community, then interstate in just 3 years. And this year, it is bigger than ever.

How you can do to support is to wear frocks in support to the campaign and maybe get sponsorship to help the campaign. Like Lady Melbourne, she decides to wear frocks for the whole of October as a sign of support which is a fabulous thing to do.

For men like myself, you can simply pass the word around and maybe do a private donation to them. I know I will.
Although we are already a week into October, you can still do something for this. It is a cause worth supporting and we all should.

For ladies out there, get a frock or dress on and support Frocktober. Some suggestions for the looks you could go for. In October as well, Stella McCartney is doing a collection for Target and it is coming to Australia.

Though it is in the late October (29th), but there is still time to get a frock on and support them for 3 more days?

So wear a frock for good. Support Frocktober

and that is my message to you.


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