London Bikers, Mistresses and House Ladies?

Remember the fabulous shearling numbers from last season’s Burberry – all aviator inspired elegance. This season Christopher Bailey turns to the archives again, re-working the biker jackets and outfits that Thomas Burberry made in the 1900s.

From the wool, fur and shears, we turned to sexy, tight and skinny leather and jerseys. Everything was body fit and sexier compared to the loose aviators of the fall. The iconic trench this season was shrunk, cropped, mini-ed and leathered. Like all bikers, everything was short and mini – almost. The jackets were still fantastic and fabulously done. I love the black and white leather trench with green patent belt worn by Jourdan (2nd look).

The trenches were great. Another great number was the classic camel trench but this time with leather linings to instill the biker mood. It was a job well-done. But apart from the coats, the dresses went from drapery to ruching. Not too fabulous in my opinion. Something about the ruching in Burberry here is very matronly, I guess?

And the studs this season were spiky instead on the blunt gold studs from the last season. Although it screams biker but I think the spikes are too much and too literal – not my cup of tea. Then again, it’s Burberry, I love them still and with the few amazing number up front, there is enough reason for me to stay with them.

Oh and the bags were amazing. The usual patent checks and topped with blue linings is just breathtaking for a clutch and those boots are love. How I wish I could get my hands of the mens boots from F/W.
And remember the fabulous Plato’s Atlantis by Alexander McQueen, the crazy digital reptilian prints and predator shoes? Though we all miss him, we could only hope for the best from his predecessor, Sarah Burton. But back to London Fashion Week, I found a gem at Mary Katrantzou. Though she might not be as fabulously crazy as McQueen but she did a great job – putting interior designs into fashion, literally. Picking up old copies of Architectural Digest and World of Interiors, she decides what better to express the lady of a house than putting the house on the lady.

From afar, it looked like the usual warrior inspired dresses with bright colors – the futuristic neo-warrior, but as it comes closer to view, you know that you are wrong. You can see a patio facing the ocean, with a white table and two matching chairs – all ready for tea at the California beach. For Mary Katrantzou, it’s all about interior designs, from dining halls, beach patios, cottage kitchens and grand halls.

To a certain extent, it resembles McQueen but it is her own signature touch, the block-ish, abstract type of work. It was rather interesting, putting interior as fashion – seemed like a used idea but I see it as extremely fresh, chic and wearable. And now she’s one of my very few London designers to watch.

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That’s all of my London inputs, we now board in the Vanity Press Air and set for Milan for the Dolces, Moschinos, Armanis and Guccis. I know my input on London is little to none. But I am trying but nothing much attracts me, so bear with me.

While we await the arrival to Milan, have a sip of cocktail and relax. Read some other post. Tweet me. Spread the word of my blog if you like it?


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