The Aluminum Snow Spring, Dirty Tweed and The Arabian Nights

What do I mean by a snow, spring and aluminum all jumbled up in one? Of course, it’s Alexander Wang. The famously known ‘Dark Prince’ of New York Fashion had went to the opposing team. Instead of the blacks, he is onto the white and shiny numbers.

His collection this season is like a snow queen exploded all over and plastered with aluminum foils. I have to say it is a breath of fresh air from Alexander  and it’s a run towards minimalism as well. Like I always knew, he is never boring, every season is a fresh new one for him. From Varsity Girls to Wall Street and now Snow Queens for Spring/Summer. Just fabuleux.

And the mention on aluminum foils were actually paints on the models hair and some strips of gold foil on the outfits. It’s something like a wet beach hair but in shining gold. And the gold paints on the dresses seemed like the edible gold foil that we find in pastries at time, no? Just delicious.

And to the next, Proenza Schouler. This season they went from school girl inspired to a very ladylike collection with a lot of tweeds and dyed dresses. These two genius never fails with their amazing dye techniques. And this season in particular, they did something I call, “The Dirty Tweeds”. When you think tweed material, you would go for colors like beige, white, black and everything classic. but for Proenza Schouler, it is bright, techno neon colors. Kinda like dirty tweeds – in a way.

And the tweeds aren’t not just bright neon tweeds, they made tie-dye tweeds which was absolutely breathtaking. And the embroidery on the tweeds was just a cherry on the icing. They have what I think is a very ladylike, elegant but futuristic techno collection. It is very resort wear and less edgy street wear. And everything is just so polished and composed in an exciting and big bang way. And possibly my favorite collection of New York, this season.

And now for a tale of time. Many of you might have heard before, the One Thousand and One Nights. A tale about the love story between a woman and a king in the Arabian nights. This season, Donna Karan dived into these tales with her desert palette and the romanctic theme. Donna Karan had been known to for clean sophisticated minimal look – one of the few long term minimal designers but this season she cranked things up with crumples and wrinkles, just like the uneven sand of the desert. Everything was amazingly raw and with the sand palette, everything was nude.

Well, I think a tad too nude. All in all they are fabulous but as a whole collection, it is just too nude for me. Love the pieces as a single look but not as a collection. The fabrics are similar to the previous season – stretch organic linens. But I really love the idea of crinkled dresses, something new but I wish there were more colors for it. But Karlie was just fabulous in all the outfits from the crinkle top to the organza sequined dress at the finale. It was just breathtaking.

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There will still be more of New York in a day or two and we will fly to London although it’s over last week. Bear with me and we will journey there son enough. The next post on NYFW will be the rest of the designers I love this season but not highlighted in the past two post. A wrap to NYFW before London.

Till then CIAO!

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  1. […] All these to further highlight their neon bright and acidic collection for the seasons with the best of tweeds, The Dirty Tweeds which I covered for the S/S 2011 runway. […]

  2. […] vibe. While last season they were more about texture and color with the dye technique on those dirty tweeds and those embroidered laces on coats, skirts and tops. It was all […]

  3. […] vibe. While last season they were more about texture and color with the dye technique on those dirty tweeds and those embroidered laces on coats, skirts and tops. It was all […]

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