From Punk Rock, Hippies to Gods and Myths

It’s all about the 70s for this season in New York – well, almost. The most significant one was Marc Jacobs which I dedicated a full post on. Others include, Anna Sui, DVF and Rodarte.

In the 70s, there’s the punk rockers, and there’s also the hippies. When you think hippies, of course, it’s all florals, prints, New Age and things like that. Well, some of them was and others have a different take. Anna Sui in particular embraced the hippies and with a hint of New Age/Pagan feel to it. You see, floral prints and wreaths and also feathered headdresses but there was also a dark side to it which to me, screamed Twilight. You know?

The whole nature theme and added with black and mythical mood, just like the werewolves and vampires. Not that I like Twilight, but it’s the most recent relative vampire at the moment. Oh, and the fringe of hems and sleeves. In short, a very whimsical romantic theme. The look I love the most from Anna Sui was the black dress with fringes worn by Freja.

Speaking of whimsical, another designer was into that, our one and only Madame Diane Von Furstenberg. She was not so much on the hippies, she sourced out. To the Greeks. Her collection this season was all about Goddesses and drapery. In it, I see Sun Goddesses, Waves and Sea Goddesses – just to name a few. And with her new side kick, Yves Mispelaere, a fresh input was in which made things all the better. It seems to me, this season for Diane was more colorful and bold.

And on the note of paganism and New Age, we have Rodarte whom mentioned references of the Red Wood Forest in California. Though I did not like everything that I saw. The sisters did a fabulous job on taking the forest into their collection – literally. We have prints that looked like wood panels which looked great in some but others were just weird to me. It’s like wood blocking rather than color block. Plus another inspiration of Chinese vases were somehow intriguing but I’m not sure good or bad. You be the judge. But they do have some good works at hand. Some looked like warrior goddesses and wood nymphs which were great.

Well, there’s more to come on NYFW, although I know it’s already to Milan and Paris. Yup, am still stuck in the New York state of mind. I will try my best and keep up. Assignments had been putting me off blogging. And since I am using WordPress now, I’m gonna put a gallery to show you more runway shots.

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Apologies and CIAO!

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  1. […] is similar to the previous seasons, but softer in color but nonetheless have the same edge as the wood prints of the last season. Remember the Red Wood […]

  2. […] is similar to the previous seasons, but softer in color but nonetheless have the same edge as the wood prints of the last season. Remember the Red Wood […]

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