70s Punk Rock Romanticist?

Right when London’s S/S 2011 fashion week passes, I’m posting up the aesthetic and themes of New York’s upcoming spring/summer.

Well, to say the least there were references and aesthetics from a whole lot of different eras. From Greek mythology (which I love), to 70s punk and something I like to call dirty tweed.

To start off, I am going straight into Marc Jacobs, duh? Of course, this post is dedicated to Marc Jacobs alone. Others will wait for the next one.

Well, this season, the genius dives in to the 70s – the time of punk rock and hippies. His focus went into a punk rock meet romanticist. He took references from Yves, Taxi Driver of the 70s, New York Dolls and every other thing 70s.

The styling and make-up was very punk rock and some of the outfits were the hard ons like the first look out the runway. The big bushy hair with structure outerwear, cold red lips and dark liners.

Then comes the soft core romance, we have Farah Fawcett 70s do, with the Yves bloom skirt like what we saw before in Stefano’s YSL in strawberry print. Marc’s were more color blocked. There were prints, from the eastern Indians and blood earth tones of stripe which were fabulous.

My favourite looks for Marc’s collection?

1. The no strap jump suit, with dotted prints worn by Kirsi Pyrhonen – look 5.

2. The bias stripe print with single off shoulder worn by Karlie Kloss – look 46.

3. The Yves Saint Laurent inspired off shoulder with a blooming skirt by Melissa Tammerijn – look 27.

Yup, that’s the highlights of Marc’s S/S 2011 collection for me. Love love love love!


2 Responses to “70s Punk Rock Romanticist?”
  1. sagemag says:

    I really like the first jacket. It’d even work for fall.

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