And The Other Men I liked?

Given the suggestive title, thoughts might go wild. Just to clarify, by “Men I Liked?” meant menswear that I liked. Not what you goons are thinking. So anyway, yes, we are still at menswear. I’ve looked up quite a few collections so far and there’s more to see. I saw Prada, Versace, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Dolce and Gabbana and more. But I have to say the only ones that I’ve seen so more that I liked was Bottega Veneta and Dolce and Gabbana.

Well first off would be Bottega Veneta. It makes me think of V for Vendetta all the time! But still, the show was good. Everything was earthy for them. Like summer in a way. Adventures, hikings, etc. Not so much of the bright happy summer. But in a cooling mood which is best for it. Everything felt light and featherweight. And suprisingly, a lot of scruffy looking models with beard, which was what made the adventurous fell of it. Rough men ready to take on Mother Nature, huh?

Even their suits looked more rough but still crisp. I’m not sure how to explain. It looks dirty but still neat, perhaps? And I love the white parka nylon jacket, I think. Never really sure but the middle look below. Definitely fab!

And then there is Dolce and Gabbana. After a gracious Fall Winter for women, they decided to go for the same take for men. A back to the roots mood. Emphasizing what they were originally at. Sicily. Although it’s Italian, some of the looks reminds me of French paper delivery boy with a cap to match. Maybe all Europeans have the same feel. But I felt French there.

Dolce and Gabbana’s show this time, makes me feel like it has a couple of different phase. From crisp suits, to smarts and to casual weekends which I love. The suits though don’t really look in favour to an Asian like me. One word. SHORT! Three buttons look too long for my body. But I read somewhere three buttons makes a short guy, taller? Is it?

But the smarts and weekends were drop dead gorgeous! The striped shirt, the rolled up khakis, and yet another “Terracotta” jacket were all too fab to give up. Also with the washed denims and sweaters. Yummy!

A lot of the others have very interesting choices. Like Prada doing a collection I like to call, “Uniforms Unite” (sounds like a superhero comic). Everything in the show was showing uniforms around the world. From businessman, nurses, surgeons to constuction workers. Everything was uniform inspired. Not a big fan but was rather interesting. The colors were good. Fit for summer, I’d say. Take a look:

Of surgeons and nurses?

And accessories were good too, especially from Bottega! The sandals and the duffel bag are to die for! Another two items to my obsession list!!!!!

Till next time! Ciao.

PS: Personal update soon! Have to figure out what to write. Mind you, I don’t really have anything that interesting about my life.


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