Does maturity comes when you get older?

Hmmm… this question popped up to me as I was watching season 6 of the “Sex and the City” and still am. Stopped half to write this out because I have a tendency of forgetting what I wanted to write in a short 10 to 20 minute span. I know what those who might be reading this would think, “Why would a guy be watching this show?”. Those who know me probably wouldn’t be shocked but for those who don’t, I don’t think you’re too surprised either. In my defense I have to say watching this so called ‘women’ show makes you wonder about a lot of things and in a way t really helps my writing – one way or another. I know it’s sounds stupid to you but it really does. Those who watched it before might understand what I mean.

So back to the question, “Does maturity comes as you get older?”. Would you get wiser as you grow older? Do you really learn from mistakes and never do it again?

I have seen people who do get wiser and more matured as they grow. They do learn from mistakes but I’ve seen those who don’t too. People who make the same mistake over and over again. Never learning from what they experienced. So is this rule still considered universal? Maybe some would say it’s a majority thing or maybe it would happen eventually.

Actually I don’t even know why am I writing about this now. I always wonder, did I get more matured compared to how I was when I first started college. (Okay, ignore the part when you’re in high school a.k.a teen years. I mean the period of time that starts after you turned 18.) Was I wiser than before?

For me, it’s more of a blur line. I still repeat mistakes I did before. Is that ignorance or maybe you have to repeat the same mistakes over and over again till one point you realize that you are wrong. Does that mean that I’m ignorant too?

This really makes you wonder, as you grow older, is your path in life clearer? Can you make wiser decisions or would it be the same old obscurity you faced ever since you have to make your first decision?

When you’re young, your whole life is about the pursuit of fun,
Then you grow up and learn to be cautious
by Carrie Bradshaw

But is it true????


Just a random lash out in words. i blame it on the show and I think there will be more coming right up!

Oh by the way, a few photo shoots that I find a liking too, and maybe you’ve seen it in my Facebook update.

Indulge in its awesomeness.

Credits to:
Fashion Gone Rogue
Model: Sasha Pivavora
Photographer: 1st – Craig McDean
2nd – Steven Meisel

One Response to “Does maturity comes when you get older?”
  1. Joey Ng says:

    Mate~ u grew~ LOLZ can you say u didn't? nah~ u did..growing up in our town..there's no way u won't grow~

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