Milan Moda Settimana

Moda Settimana a.k.a Fashion Week in Italian.
I’m not sure whether the grammar is correct or not but I thought I should try something fancy once in a while. So for those who knows Italian, do not LAUGH!

Okay, as some might have guessed or maybe not, this post is be about Milan Fashion Week, which explains where the fancy words came. Milan, Milan, Milan. One of world’s most significant fashion capital and produced the more well-known brands to the mass audience. One might not be interested in fashion but names like Prada and Gucci are house-hold names known to even the most fashion oblivious person. And it all came from the lovely Milan. Now to the main course, brands that I loved for this season from Milan. Feast your eyes with these delicious ‘Moda’ of Milan.

I particularly liked this year’s evening wear from Versace.
As always Donatella knew how to work a woman’s body.
I did not like much on the first part of the collection. Not feeling the prints of it.
(Go to to see what I meant.)

This season’s Milan favorite would have to be Prada.
From smart casual to simple day wear and the SHOES!
From afar it looked impeccable but when you see upclose, all the seaming are not done or sewn.
Everything was all just roughly cut but made it fabulous.
And also to the gorgeous prints. Looked like it was from Hawaii/Miami postcards!
It was love at first sight!

Jill Sanders
Loved it. All the rough cut out patches sewn so perfectly to the dresses and coats.

This season like some other designers, Gucci has gone BONDAGE mood.
Look at the straps in everything so edgy but still feminine in its own way.

Dolce and Gabbana
Sicilian made fashion!
D&G goes back to their roots with laces and frills.
Very Spanish/Argentinian/South American feel.
The matadors and flamenco dancers!

Right! That’s all and as I was writing this, Paris have had their fashion week but I’ll blog on it later. Sorry for the late updates, not that anyone reads these crappy shits. Ciao.

PS: Visit STYLE.COM for more on fashion news.

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