From NY to London

London. A place where fashion is as major as the distant relatives – NY, Milan and Paris. Although I have to say I am not very much in touch with this area of ‘fabulousness’ as the others. I must apologize for the lack of knowledge and I swear I will keep in touch more. One of the most notable label is of course Burberry Prorsum by Christopher Bailey. This year Bailey decides to move back from Milan to its birth place, London. Endorsed by the very famous Emma Watson made me love this label more than ever.

Also thanks to Burberry, Londoners got to watch the show live in the flagship store in London. This is what I call private show made public. What a nice thought from Burberry.

Indulge in its iconic trench coats and draped outfits.

The draping is something unique and different from Bailey’s previous season.
Draped and the perfect silhouette made it stood out so much.

The iconic trench. Hard edge but fits a female so good.
Thanks to the draped inner wear.
Note the shoes are draped too.

Trench made soft with the ruche shoulders.

Burberry menswear always captured me.
The classic but modern look with the British Essence.

Alright, that’s all. Once again I must say I am sorry for the ‘sh*t’ review on London. Tune in for Milan and Paris!

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