New York Fashion Week

It’s that time of the year again – Spring/Summer Fashion Week.
Totally excited for it, so far it started from New York to London and now at Milan. So far so good I’d say. So I’m gonna start off with New York first. As most might know (if they’re into fashion), this year Vogue’s Almighty Anna Wintour (sometimes known as Nuclear Wintour) and all designers, celebrities and socialites hosted Fashion’s Night Out internationally. From New York to London and even China.

Though I must say, it mostly revolves around New York. It was like a kick start event before Fashion Week. If you were fortunate unlike me, which means you were in NY, you get to meet tons of celebrities everywhere. Blake Lively at Ralph Lauren, Oscar De La Renta serving in his boutique, Heidi Klum in the Victoria’s Secret store, Charlize Theron at Dior… just to name a few.
Anyway it was amazing though I was not there. Reading updates on twitter and websites made me so envious. Not that I would be able to buy anything if I were there but at least I could have gotten the FNO t-shirt. Prices are hiking in eBay now. Damn!

So back to Fashion Week, I have to say I am impressed. Everything was very accessible and consumer friendly. Not too over the top that you can’t wear it but still makes you stand out of the crowd.

This season and the last, designers focused on bring the edgy side of women. Women are not always soft, they can be hard ass and beautiful which brings us to the ‘yin and yang’ effect where clothes are hard but at the same time soft.

One might say the GFC affects all and no ones buying anything now. Maybe that’s why I think most designers this season chose to go for the more accessible and commercial look. It’s ready to wear anyway.

So indulge in collection:

Marc Jacobs
It’s back to the ballet theater and opera.
Note the shoes? All flats! Finally, so over and done with the insanely platforms.
It’s casual, easy and romantic. Still fabulous.

Vera Wang
Sensual but tomboy. The layering and silhouette was effortless but when one looks, they know how much work was in it.
May look simple but added with the accessories, it just blings it all up.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
One of the very few during Fashion Week that shows a bit of menswear. Love it. Absolutely lively and bright compared to the more classic look in Marc Jacobs collection.

Alexander Wang
This season, Wang brings us to the varsity inspired world.
With the longs socks and varsity patterns, it was simple, youthful but topping the top.

Michael Kors
This season, it is Zips for Michael. Using it to put make the clothes pop even in plain colors.
A hinge of hardness in the soft and elegant clothes.

Plus, pastel colors for Michael – first time in his career.
Gives out the futuristic feel and as Michael Kors said, “Gaga Gorgeous!”


Need to say anymore? Perfect gowns for the red carpet as always.

Simple silhouettes but still looking modern and timeless.
Lovely and complicated draping too.

I have to say this season is impressive and about GFC? God, I don’t think you can feel the recession with this going on. The air around the Bryan Park tent radiates luxury and wealth. As Fashion Weeks comes, it marks the New Years in fashion. As the old always say – New Year, New Beginnings. So let’s hope it is a better year for the Fashion World.

Okay, next stop! It is London. The Burberry and Vivienne Westwood awaits. Till next time, bye =)

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