RMIT Fashion Show @ MSFW

Okay, okay.. I know this post is long after the actual event and there’s not been any post from me for a while. I have to say that I am busy with assignments and sh*t. LOL. Hate to admit that but yeah – was busy. Or maybe it’s just an excuse of mine. No, seriously! I had have assignments pilig up to my nostrils for the past two weeks or so and had not been able to post anything at all.

So anyway, the show was not bad for students work. Some of these magnificent students are Jessica Jones, Jacqueline Wong, Levin Sun, Phoebe Morgan – just to name a few of them. So KUDOs for the students. Enjoy the photos and less trash talk from me.

Draping and silhouette was simple and I like it.
Less is more.

These were cute! Never expected designs for kids.

May look like someone wearing lingerie inside out but overall construction is good.

I never get those with long sleeve on one side and none on the other.
Then again one sided shoulder seems pretty in this season but this is not it.

Looks very avant garde in my opinion.
Very Christian Siriano. Sorry but am in Project Runway hype now.

PS: Am changing the font to smaller ones from this post onwards. No, I am not trying to make you strain your eyes, just thought it’s nicer with smaller fonts for the blog. Sorry if it troubles you. Get over it =P

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