Manifest ’09

Manifest or more formally known as Melbourne Anime Festival just came and went past last weekend. I was glad that I went. It was, after all my first anime convention in Melbourne, Australia.

It was pure luck that I found out about it. I did know about it before I came to Melbourne but it somehow slipped off my mind somewhere through my transition process here. So as I was click through websites after websites, I came across the Melbourne Tourism Website and they had a small mention about it. Then I recalled the event and checked on the website for the event.

The first click after I was in the site was to the dates and venue. To my own surprise, it was on the coming weekend. I wrote down the details and close the site. Then I was contemplating on whether to go or not. A few problems arise.

1. I have no friends to go with.
2. It’s 20 minutes tram/train from where I stay.
3. I was just lazy. LOL

After much pondering, I realized something I left out. Deanna, my classmate was into anime and manga as well. So I rang her or did I? I forgot. It’s either I rang her or I asked her when I was in class.

Anyhow, she said she would go and then we went. Obviously.

So we went there on the second day. With high hopes and plenty of excitement, we set off. As we were on the train, we weren’t sure where to go after we arrived at the station. Lucky for us, we were with some cosplayers on the same train. So we just followed them from behind, though we did not know them.

As we reached the showgrounds, we saw an insane line. Shocked is not enough to define my state of mind. So we queued and queued and QUEUED. It lasted for almost an hour. The wind was blasting full force and temperature was surprisingly low. I thought spring was coming. What’s the problem with Melbourne? Then again, locals here or international students that stayed here long enough told me before. “Melbourne can have four seasons in one day…”
Not cool at all.

So after the much torture of the wind, we went in. Got tickets and had fun. Nothing can describe better than pictures. As most said, A picture tells a thousand words. So I’m not gonna waste my energy explaining everything.

Here goes:


Cloud from FF VII: Advent Children

L and Light from Death Note with wings

Takoyaki that I ate

Activities Hall where we were at most of our time

Goodie Bag from Manifest
Note: The tag on bottom right is the pass. Made with cards we use for atm and such.

At the end of the day, it was fun but I still love conventions from Malaysia. More friends.

That’s all.


One Response to “Manifest ’09”
  1. Gladys chan says:

    wow,your post longer than me lo..anyway,i already posted so remember what you promise,lolvery miss u here,take care lo=)

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